Through the delegation contract of the ECO-SEPSI Association, the company deals with the public sanitation services in Covasna County , including collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste, except for toxic  and dangerous waste; administration of the landfill; street sanitation, including snow removal  and scattering anti-slip material;   administration of public markets, accommodation at Agora pension and  dog shelter.

Activity fields:

  1. Sanitation and waste management services
    • City cleaning
      • Manual sweeping, mechanical sweeping,  coarse waste collection, removal of small animal corpses , maintenance of street bins, street waste collection and transportation, washing of streets and sidewalks.
    • Winter works
      • Mechanically and manually scattering anti-slip material  and cleaning of snow and ice
    • Spring cleaning on all of the lands belonging to Saint George’s public domain
      • Clearing of all unused objects
    • Collection and transportation of household waste
    • Valorification of recyclable waste
    • Establishment of the door-to-door collecting system in Saint George
  2. Administration of markets in Saint George.
  3. Accommodation at Agora pension.
  4. Equipment rental services.
  5. Mobile toilet rental services.
  6. Administration of the dog shelter.